Living Art

Cripple Creek Rock Company was founded by Robert Bledsoe of Bledsoe Construction. Below you will find a showcase of Bledsoe Construction projects, Creators of Living Art™.

Robert took a break in 2010 from Bledsoe Construction to focus his attention on Cripple Creek. The Versace Cowboy, otherwise known as "The King of Backyard Bling", is back and ready to ride!

We are adding a few more "Diamonds" to Robert's projects list. Enjoy!

 To contact Robert about designing your project please contact him at robert@cripplecreekrockcompany.com


For more videos, please visit the CRIPPLE CREEK ROCK COMPANY Facebook Page & Robert Bledsoe's Personal FACEBOOK page. You'll stay updated on the daily happenings here at "The Ranch" by the Versace' Cowboy himself.